バーダック Bādakku
Bardock in Super Saiyan 4 state
Sex Male
Born Date 737
Transformations Super Saiyan
Race Saiyan
AF Saga Appearence N/A
First appearence N/A
Bardock (バーダック Bādakku) is Goku's father.



Father of Goku and a respected Saiyan fighter when he found his comrade's dead and betrayed by Frieza and his men he swore revenge. Because of a curse a single surviving Kenassian put upon him he had several visions of the future where he could see his son and the fate of his home planet Vegeta . He was the only Saiyan who knew about Frieza's plan to destroy the Saiyan race and decided to do something to try and change the future


Great Ape

Bardock usually turns into a Great Ape when he and his squad conquer planets.

Super Saiyan

Bardock turns into Super Saiyan for the first time when Beri gets hurted by Chilled in Dragon Ball Z Episode of Bardock.