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Nappa was resurrected by Vegeta who turned Majin once again but this time he had the power of Super saiyan 28, therefore the name 'Majin 28' on his forehead, which is almost five times stronger than Goku Super Saiyan 5. 

Bobadi , son of Babidi, turned Nappa into a Majin and gave him the power of a SSJ 4. Later , he was taught the technique of spirit bomb as he had a pure evil heart , by collecting all negative and positive energy of the universe.

Goku SSJ5 and Gohan who had awakened his true power after 100 years, as a SSJ 100000000000 reached there.

Goku was overthrowed by Nappa, but Gohan injured with one punch badly.Therefore, Bobadi gave Vegeta Majin 28 Uthara ear rings, a more powerful version of potara ear rings (Ten million times as told by Kabitishai ,son of Kibitokai).Vegeta and Nappa fused and they produced a superior warrior,Nageta and killed the Z fighters except Gohan and Goku. With Piccolo gone, Dragon Balls vanished forever. There was no way to revive them. Nageta later absorbed Goku with its tail and became Nagetoku. Gohan SSJ1000000000 throw a ki blast , killing Nagetoku saving the world and universe and the other world and himself and sister and brother who died  ..........BYE