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Piccura, The True Demon King. Piccura is a potara fusion between Piccolo and Dabura. He posses great advantages of both of his parts, such as piccolo's regeneration and tactical smarts, and Dabura's spit and strength.



Piccura has green skin with pink areas of flesh like piccolos on his arms and presumably his legs. he wars dabura's cape and pants, but both are styled simmilarly to piccolo's and share his classic purple gi coloring. He has piccolo's ears and antenna and dabura's face and beard.


When piccolo went to heaven, he saw dabura (whom was sent there as punishment) and they decided to fuse when piccolo proved useless in the dragon ball AF saga. Dabura wanted the power, and piccolo his demon cruelty back. So they fused and became the new demon king, Piccura


Ki based techniques

  • Demon seal beam!: Piccura puts his hands together in front of him and realeases a beam that captures a demon or other magical being inside.
  • Hellgate: Piccura makes a gateway into hell.
  • Demon Masenko: Piccura fires a deadly red ki beam
  • Hellish Blast: A large explosion.
  • Flaming fist: Piccura summons a giant flaming fist, and sends it twords the opponent
  • Magic burst: A huge explosion that turns nearby people or animals into demons and hellrats.
  • Fire from within: Piccura opens a gate to Hell, and sends fire out of it into the enemy.
  • Flaming wall: A wall of defencive fire
  • Hellzone NUKE!: Piccura fires a giant ball of flames (spirit bomb size) which upon impact sends mini bombs out to the sides, which turn people into demons.

Rush techniques

  • I'm not finished yet.: Piccura angerly thrashes the opponent around, and finally kills them with a stab of an enchanted knife.
  • Dabura's rage: Piccura encases himself in flames and beats the opponent around, finishing with a ball of fire.
  • Hellzone kick: A spinkick that sends the enemy flying into hell through a portal that opens behind them.
  • Straight to hell with you.: Piccura pushes an enemy backwords into a hell portal he opened behind them.

Other technques

  • Stone spit: Piccura spits on an enemy who is frozen as stone until Piccura is killed
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move things with ones mind
  • Join me!: Piccura touches ones forehead and gives them the demon mark, increasing their power.
  • Let's play puppeteer!: Piccura directly controls everyone with a demon mark.
  • Multi form: Piccura makes four of himself
  • Telepathy: channeling ones thoughts into anothers mind.
  • Magic Materalisation: Making things out of thin air (swords clothes daggers)
  • Body stretch: The Namekian ability to stretch ones limbs.