ジール Jīru
Zeel in his Base Form (1st Form)
Sex Male
Born Date Unknown
Transformations Base Form (1st Form)
Base Form Full Body (1st Form Full Body)
Hell's Souls Absorption (2nd Form)
Perfect Form (3rd Form)
Race Neo Machine Mutant Tuffle
AF Saga Appearance Zeel Saga (Modded Cell Saga)
First appearance PGV's Dragon Ball AF
Dragon Ball Budokai AF

Zeel (ジール Jīru) is the descendant of Baby and the true last survivor of the Tuffle race who is rebuilt genetically modified Tuffle by his creation, Lord Nutti and Saber as a Cyborg Neo Machine Mutant Tuffle to exterminate the Saiyans and the plan is to dominate Planet Earth and the Universe. He is the main antagonist of the Zeel Saga in PGV's Dragon Ball AF.


Baby wanted to destroy the Saiyan and to conquer the universe. The reason for much resentment towards the Saiyan consisted in the fact that in a remote past the King Vegeta decided to colonize the Planet Plant, to exterminate all the Tuffle's race and to rename it in Planet Vegeta. Before dying at the hands of the Saiyan the King Tuffle ordered to one of his best scientists to create the Dr. Myuu and to program it in such a way to acquire acquaintances to allow him to clonate the king and to render him so strong to be able to destroy all the Saiyans. This being, created from the Dr. Myuu was Baby, yearning to complete his revenge. Thanks to Goku, Baby has been definitively eliminated many years later.

Meanwhile in the space something in preparing to stop that serene climate of peace on the Earth. A great spaceship travels in direction of the Earth. Within of it someone with an extraordinary power is seated on his throne. A drudge, called Lord Nutti, approaches to him and communicates to his lord: "Mighty Zeel, between 5 minutes we will reach the Earth." Then Zeel, pleased by the imminent fulfillment of his revenge, remembers his origins. After the defeat of Baby, of the Dr. Myuu and General Rilldo there was a great was on the Planet M-2. On one side there were the Machine Mutants that wanted to reconstruct the empire projected by Dr. Myuu, on the other side there were robots, like Giru, who wanted a new life without commanders. After 300 years of terrible battles the war was won by the supporters of the Tuffles. These finished the construction of Saber, a cyborg of the highest intellective quotient, projected by the Dr. Myuu in order to help him in the work to give to Baby a greater power. Saber reconstructed the research laboratories of the Dr. Myuu, which have been damaged by the conflicts and after 150 years they have been restored completely. The project of construction of the perfect Tuffle began at that time. Saber used the cells of the King Tuffles in order to create a new clone, more powerful than Baby, a being that the Saiyan would have never been in a position to eliminate. Saber called its great work Zeel (this is in fact the original name of the King Tuffles) and conferred him the power to make to fuse to the spirits in order to absorb their energy and to became incredibly powerful. Zeel is composed from a material similar to the metal that can be melted without problems. Saber worked on this plan for 250 years. Once completed, Zeel, decided to go with Saber and others three beings, helpers of the scientist, to the Earth, to obtain his revenge. These were Lord Nutti, who would have been taken care of the public relations of Zeel, once conquered the universe, Greyn and Kutiengo, who are bodyguards of Saber.

But this already happened, already 640 years ago in a parallel universe that we know really well... Things are gone differently in Future Trunks' world (see connections with DBGS). Nobody went in space to stop Future Dr. Myuu plan, therefore all his Machine Mutants from Future General Rilldo to Future Luud and in the end Future Baby have been fully developed and sent to Planet Earth to destroy any clue of Saiyan's presence in the universe. However, Trunks managed to destroy them, thanks to some important help. Anyway also Saber has been fully developed and continued its work on Zeel immediately, so that Zeel's time has come much before than in the main timeline.


Gogeta Super Saiyan 5 in 100% would already be the Sufficient to Kill Zeel in his Perfect Form (3rd Form) in a Planet Earth, however he has his powers of Souls in Hell and Tuffles, to protect the existence of Life in the Fictional System of the Machine Mutant.


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